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Writing College Admission Essay: Don't Show Off Too Much

The college admission essay is a significant portion of the application process in which potential students detail information about themselves to the school they hope to get acceptance to. The essay is often one page in length and some schools may offer guidelines to help you produce your content. While there are things you want the school to know about you, it may not be necessary for them to know everything about you. There are a few reasons for this to consider.

Don’t Come Off as a Know It All

It is okay to be proud of your accomplishments but you don’t have to be snooty or uppity about it. Sometimes telling too much about your accomplishments can just be too much for the school. The school may think why would a student of this caliber want to attend out establishment if they know everything? Mention accomplishments you feel are notable but important to why you want to attend this school.

Don’t Get Too Personal with Your Content

As mentioned, you do want to share details about yourself that will help the school get to know you and your goals. You may have experienced a life changing even that has made an impact on what you want to do with your life. This is great since it adds even more credibility to your career interest. But, you should know what to limit your details to when you talk about such events or related content. There are students known to share too much information that was considered non relevant to the situation.

Be Honest

If you are not a gifted student who gets remarkably good grades or has unique talents that stand out, it’s okay. You should feel good about who you are and what you can bring to the table. You should not have to stretch the truth or make up content just to make your essay standout. Providing false information has been known to come back on you later, and if you are not able to prove what you have mentioned in your essay, you just made things even worse.

Just tell the school what they should know about you and how they will make an impact on your career goals. Consider adding useful content that may not be asked on the application. This can help make your essay interesting.