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5 Major Essay Writing Rules

There are definitely rules which must be adhered to, whether in high school or college, when writing any type of essay assignment. With many different types of essays in existence, you will be given some topic which must be explored, well-thought out and written to perfection while adhering to strict teacher formatting. Instead of listening to everyone else tell you what rules to follow, we’ve written some professionally understood tips for you to follow. Here now are 5 major essay writing rules to adhere to.

Rule 1: Keep Within 5 Paragraphs

Unless you’re otherwise instructed, your essay will consist of five well-constructed paragraphs which are to introduce topic, three specific ideas which are relevant to topic and include argumentative and factual statements, and closing paragraph will instills your point into the readers mind. This first rule will never change, and should be accepted across major colleges around the universe.

Rule 2: Cite Sources

Regardless of where you found information, you need to give proper credit where and when it’s due. You may use traditional end notes, appendices or footnotes; the point we’re making is simply never to forget where you got your information from, and how you got it. Specify websites, ISBN numbers for library books or even publication titles when necessary.

Rule 3: Always Rough Draft First

You should never call the first piece of writing off your fingertips completed; always begin with your outline and rough draft before finalizing your copy as you’ll need to make sure all facts are included first, worrying about the spelling and punctuation last since they’re arbitrary to your actual first writing work.

Rule 4:Have Someone Else Read & Edit

One you feel the work is sufficient for presentation, have your roommate or family members read and edit as needed. Should time run short, have an online writing service handle your proofreading needs. Many of these companies can turn your work around within several hours since the size is rather small.

Rule 5: Never Plagiarize!

We cannot stress enough the importance of making sure your work is strictly your own. If you feel the itch for copying someone else’s work because you lack the qualifications to write the essay yourself, simply have someone else write your piece then. Plagiarizing is never ok.

Final Thoughts

Although you could place these rules in different orders, they remain the five most vital statements of fact you need to always remember when writing essays. These 5 major essay writing rules are not by any means negotiable and should be permanently lodged into your memory bank.