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Dissertations Online – Searching for Inspiration

When deep in the throes of research and writing, even the best of scholars are susceptible to writers block. It’s a natural consequence of working on such an involved, solitary project over a long period of time. However, some students allow themselves to become overwhelmed at the first hint of trouble, and this can lead to procrastination, more anxiety, and falling behind. If you find yourself confronted with writer’s block, lack of motivation, or the tendency to procrastinate, be proactive! Don’t give in to negative feelings and allow them to snowball. Take action, and find new sources of inspiration to jumpstart your writing.

Sources of Inspiration

One of the major advantages of being a student in the current day and age is having access to almost infinite resources online. Searching out dissertations online can be a surprisingly helpful way to motivate yourself. There’s a tendency to always search out greater authorities for inspiration, and while this is sometimes effective, there are times when it just doesn’t work. Sometimes, the most discouraging thing can be the seemingly effortless manner in which the “authorities” present their material. If looking up published articles and flipping through the journals for your own discipline is leaving you in despair, consider looking up dissertations written by others in your current position instead.

How Other Dissertations Can Inspire You

When you look up other dissertations from similar students, you can find a wealth of inspiration. If your current sources for research material have run dry, check out other student’s bibliographies. If you’re struggling with how to present a certain argument, look up dissertations which relate to your topic and read through some of them. Make note of interesting arguments and how they’re supported, and the sources used to support them.

Curing Tunnel Vision

Take a few days off from writing or from dealing with your own dissertation at all. For those who are very devoted to and very passionate about their work, developing tunnel vision when presented with a difficult obstacle is a real risk. You can become so involved with the obstacles that you lose sight of the solutions. Instead, read dissertations on related topics, expand your knowledge of the discipline as a whole, and don’t allow yourself to be consumed by your own challenges and puzzles for a time. More often than not, simply taking a break in this way while still immersing yourself in helpful, inspiring information can provide the breakthrough you need.