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Expository writing essay requirements and expectations

By now you should be fairly accustomed with writing essays of all shapes and sizes. However, expository essays a little bit different and may need some special consideration before you sit down to write.

What is an Expository Essay Anyways?

Expository, means to present information in a way that it is understood by a reader, when you write an expository essay you are responsible for conveying your ideas as if you are an “expert” speaking to someone with little to no knowledge on the topic. One way to think about an expository paper is to imagine it as a documentary film first you need to introduce the concept before you can explain why it is important, and then you need to conclude with the current standing of topic or idea. In other words you are telling a story or “expose” on something that is true, so that others become aware of it.

Selecting a topic for your expose

When you write an expository report you will want to find a unique topic that other people will find engaging to read about. For example, something with a bit of controversy or that can be debated easily, you may also like to tell a story about someone else, or discuss in depth a new concept or idea that has emerged.

Topic options for an expository essay are nearly limitless, there are so many interesting people, places, and things that you could write on. Narrow it down based on your own interest; what would you like to talk about in this fashion?

Organizing Your Expository Essay

Like we mentioned before the best way to organize and format an expository essay is in a “storytelling” form, where you introduce the concept as if the reader is completely unfamiliar and then gradually go into more detail as you reach the conclusion. Your conclusion should also be a summary of everything that you have discussed and end on a high or low note, discussing the issue in the here and now.

One thing that is important to keep in mind when you write an essay of this nature is making sure that what you are writing about has enough relevancies to support the entire composition. Before you start make sure that there is enough material to carry a full length expository.