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How to write an excellent business law paper?

It's difficult to write a business law paper and even more difficult to write an excellent one. Many students do not receive a higher than was expected mark for their business law paper because the student does not answer the question being asked. You see the law is a complex and detailed subject. It is vital that you are able to determine from the outset which particular aspect of business law is being discussed in your paper. Answer the question.

Use a plan. Rushing in to write your paper because you think you have some good points to make is never a good idea. By all means make a list of your notes on a separate piece of paper but before you start to write the actual paper, create a plan. This will involve the names of the textbooks you will study and the layout of your essay such as introduction, first and second fact paragraphs and conclusion. In other words hasten slowly. If you prepare well through reading and note-taking, the actual writing of the paper will be much easier.

Look for the footnotes

When you find a textbook which is particularly relevant to the topic of your business law paper, not only should you read this textbook and take notes as you do so, but also take note of the footnotes which will refer to other references. It is these other references which will also be a source of great information for your paper.

By all means write as freely and as much as you can but when you finish be prepared to make cuts. You need to edit your paper. One golden rule when editing is that ‘less is more’. Don't be afraid to cut.

Get help in the final stages

When you have completed your essay, or at least think you have completed the paper, get someone who is either knowledgeable in the subject or who is good at written English, to go over your paper. In other words have somebody proof read your finished paper before it is presented.

Pay particular attention to the citations for quotes in your paper. You may have written well and used quotations from a variety of sources. But unless you know how to list these references in the formula, you will lose marks. Finally make sure that you stick to the correct number of words required and that you submit your business law paper on time.