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Is It Possible To Buy A Well-written Custom College Essay?

That right there my friend, is a loaded question. There are many web sites out there where you can get someone to write a college essay for you. These can be freelancer sites or sites that specifically market that sort of thing. That means that the simple answer to the question is: yes, it is possible.


The question behind the question is why would you do this? Do you really want to be graded on someone else’s work? What if what they write is a bunch of psychobabble nonsense? How do you know that what the finished product will be is what you are paying for?

Are you just too lazy to write your own essays? If you start paying other people to do the work for you in college then what happens when you get into the real world? Are you going to pay someone to do your work for you then too? Wouldn’t that kind of defeat the purpose?

Are you going to pay to get your thesis written for you too? What happens when you are asked to defend your thesis? How will you accomplish this and get your doctorate if someone else did the work for you?


Do you think it is ethical to pay someone to do your work for you? It is not. Neither is it fair to the person doing the work that you are the one getting the credit for it. If you are using unethical practices in college then you are setting yourself up for failure in the real world. First of all, by paying someone to do your work for you means that you are passing up learning opportunities that you are PAYING to have with all of that expensive tuition. Secondly, you are allowing someone else to gain the knowledge that you are denying yourself by farming it out.


The end result of the pattern that you begin when you start paying someone to do this type of thing for you is that when you get a job in the field of your education you will not have the knowledge that you should have been getting in college which means that your bosses and co-workers will think you are an idiot.

Do the work yourself. Research the topic, do the outline, write the paper and get it over with. Be the adult that everyone thinks you are.