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Who can write an essay for me?

Essays. Projects. Tests. When it comes time for major assessments, many students cringe at the thought. While there is no way to avoid getting out of a test, there are several ways to get out of writing an essay. The problem with trying to find someone to write your essay is plagiarism and the fact that teachers all have access to plagiarism checking software. Here are a few options when it comes to finding someone to write your essay for you:

  • Ask a friend: This can be trick. It is not very appropriate to ask a friend to write an essay for you, unless you can return the favor with a similar assignment. If you do have a friend who can write well, consider yourself lucky. Some friends will do the favor for free, some might expect something in exchange. If you are going to pay your friend, offer at least $20. Your odds of getting caught are pretty low.
  • Borrow an essay from a friend: This is not a good idea. You are likely to get caught, especially if your friend has turned the essay into the same teacher. However, some students are able to get away with it, especially if their schools do not have updated computers and software.
  • Borrow an essay from the Internet: This used to be the best way to find an essay, but it is not anymore. Nearly every free essay on the Internet can now be found through free online plagiarism checking software. This is riskiest way to get an essay written.
  • Order one from an essay writing website: Essay-writing websites are popping up all over the Internet. There are many reputable ones and many that are just out for a quick dollar. The trick is to find a good one that is affordable and creates high quality essays. In some cases, you could hire a writer who speaks very little English and get a very poor product. The odds of getting caught with an essay you ordered vary, depending on the site you use.
  • Get help from your teacher: This is probably the best choice. Your teacher will respect the fact that you can to get help, but only if you come to the teacher with something on paper. A teacher can only help you if you have attempted to write the essay already - even if the essay is horrible. The odds of getting in trouble are absolutely zero, because your teacher will know you did it yourself.