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Write My Essay for Free – a Weird Student Request?

Everyone wants to pay bottom dollar for top quality, if it’s ever possible. Paying the least amount for the best service is the basic of an economic competition. If you can pay ten dollars less for the same exact service and quality, wouldn’t you? In some cases, though, low prices aren’t enough. You need to cut the total price in order to make your budget happy! Is it unreasonable, though, to want to request the entirely free essay samples? Is that a weird student request? Surprisingly – no! There are two huge reasons that free essays are not taboo, and they’re worth looking in to.

Broke Students – It’s Not a Joke

Nine times out of ten, students aren’t exactly in control of their finances. Even if they have a job, it’s likely a minimum wage gig that barely pays for a fast-food meal every once in a while. Plus, what if they’re helping to pay cell phone, car or internet bills? What if they’re even helping to pay their college tuition? The idea of a broke student is not just a funny cliché – it’s a real occurrence. So, students asking for free essays is not ridiculous – it’s pretty understandable.

Since such an occurrence is relatively common, many writing services should expect students to request essays for free. Beware, however – other companies, which are really fronts for scam sites, will take advantage of students in this desperate situation. Make sure to protect yourself from the dangers of scams by looking out for warning signs and being protective of your personal information.

Establishing Trust

Free essays function as much more than a way for low-budget students to keep their finances in check. They also function in a positive way for the student-writing company relationship. Think about it. These students are going online, to a service they’ve never used before, with people they’ve never met, at a site that could (possibly) just be there to scam them. How is that writing service going to convince those students that they are a quality company only willing to produce excellent essays? You’ve got it – a free essay.

Giving away a free essay – even if it’s just a one-time occurrence – is a great way for online writing companies to establish their credibility and gain the trust of new customers. Is not just a benefit to the student! If a service really prides itself on its essays and want to make a good impression with new clients, then it should have no problem giving a way a complimentary first essay.