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How to Write a 250 Word Essay Overnight

If you’ve got a deadline looming for a 250 word essay, don’t worry! It’s very simple to knock a 250 word essay out overnight. You just have to follow a few simple steps, and you’ll be done far faster than you imagined you could be.

Step One: Understand the Assignment’s Requirements

Before you write anything understand exactly what your assignment calls for. Is it a personal opinion? Do you need to look something up and write about that?

Step Two: Gather Material

If you do need to research something, do that first. Make copies of the sources if you need to, you’ll want to have them on hand while you write. If it’s about your own personal thoughts or opinion on the matter, and you don’t need other materials, you can write down a few notes for your ideas.

Step Three: Create a Thesis

You’ll need a strong central idea for your essay. This is arguably the most important step. Decide what your thesis is. Write your main idea out in one well-crafted sentence.

Step Four: Create an Outline

Now that you’ve got your thesis, make your outline. It should look something like this:

  • Introduction

    Present your thesis in one sentence. In another two to three sentences, list the things that support your thesis.

  • Body of the Essay

    Write about each of the ideas that support your thesis, in order, giving references if necessary/required.

  • Conclusion

    Reword your introduction: restate the thesis using different words. Discuss the same two or three ideas that you used to support it. Then, write a strong conclusion sentence to wrap the whole thing up.

Step Five: Proofread and Edit Yourself

Read over your finished essay, editing any misspellings, grammar mistakes, or awkward sentences so that it flows naturally.

Step Six: Have a Friend Proofread It

If possible, have a friend, fellow student, or tutor go over the essay with you. It’s often difficult to catch your own mistakes, especially rereading the essay immediately after you’ve read it, so if you have a tight deadline this is a very helpful step. Even if it’s just your dorm mate, or even a library aid, you’ll probably find something you missed. Thankfully, 250 words is a fairly short essay to have someone else read, so you shouldn’t have much difficulty finding someone to read it for you. If you follow the above steps, you’ll have your essay done in record time!