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How To Write My Essay In 24 Hours

Writing an essay in 24 hours is easier than it sounds. When you consider that there are professional writers who can conduct research and craft a 1,000 word essay in an hour, the task of writing an essay in a day is not as daunting. The trick is to know where to look and what to do.

Check the Requirements

The steps that you need to take to complete your essay will be based on the requirements that your teacher assigns. If you do not need to conduct research, then the essay can be completed even faster than you first imagined. Many essays are assigned after the material is taught, so you might not have to do any research because the information is already in your notes and previous assignments. You might need to review what you previously studied, but the information should be stored and ready to access for a quick round of essay writing.

Research Smartly

If you need to conduct research, you should start right away. Obscure topics can be more difficult to research, so if you have one, you should consider changing it. When you conduct your research, be sure that your sources are not all dated the day before or of the due date. Once you have found the sources, it is important that you not plagiarize anything from them and many students accidentally make that mistake when they are trying to complete an essay at the last minute.

Create an Outline

To ensure that you write a good essay, it is a good idea to create an outline so that you stay on track. Again, as students panic with last minute assignments, they can begin to stray off of the targeted assignment and begin to ramble or skip over important elements that need to be included. When you write an outline, it can serve as your rough draft and keep you clearly focused.

Be Smart and Focused

By the time to you get to college or the upper grades in high school, you should have written several essays already, so the task is not new. Many teachers assign in-class essays that are written in 60 minutes or less, so having 24 hours should not be that challenging. Even though you have waited until the last minute, you do not have to write like you have done so. Be patient and thorough and you essay will read like you have spent plenty of time on it.