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5 Tips For Writing An Excellent Essay

Writing essays is the norm for most high school and college students, it has to be done so except this fact and make sure whatever you do you do to the best of your ability. But there are practical steps you can take to help you produce an excellent essay and here are five such steps.

Use common words

Don't think that you will get extra marks or a really high score because you choose unusual or rarely seen words. You need to use the vernacular. You need to have the common touch so that all the points you are trying to make are easily understood. The words flow because you are using everyday language.

Do you need citations?

Now there will be rules about every essay you are asked to submit and one of the questions you need to ask is regarding citations. Do you need to use them at all and if so, what format do you need to use? If you are to use citations don't go overboard. Too many citations, too many references can get in the way of you telling your simple story. In fact a good piece of advice is to keep it simple.

Get rid of distractions

This is a very practical piece of advice. If you have a television or MP3 player or even a telephone which is likely to interrupt your chain of thought, turn them off. Do not allow the physical environment to upset your ability to produce an excellent essay. Far too many students think that they work better with background music or taking a break by texting their friends. The best way to produce the best essay is to get rid of distractions.

Find a great editor

Say you finished your essay and you read it over and think that it's about as good as it could be. Fine, but before you hand it in, get a great editor to look over your essay. You should avoid a family member or a friend. Even if you have to pay someone who is a professional editor to do the job, think seriously about doing just that. There will be points which can be improved and you want an editor who will not be afraid to tell you where those improvements are required.

Be yourself

There is a tendency to try and be somebody else in writing your essay. How would so-and-so write this essay? Don't think like that. Put yourself in the driving seat. Make it your essay, your story, your assignment. Make it personal and be yourself.